Our Purpose


To preserve our “Texas Western Heritage” provide a wonderful family event to the community and much needed financial support to local charities.


A Brief History of Ranch Rodeo

Rodeo got it's start from the every day working life of the vaqueros.  These Spanish cattlemen influence the American cowboy and what has today become truly an American tradition.  Everything from their clothes, hats, ropes, saddles, language, and traditions can be traced back to these men who rode the range and worked the early ranches.  Typical duties on these early ranches included riding the herd, roping cattle so they could be doctored and branded, breaking horses for the remuda, and sorting cattle to send to market.  A lot of these chores remain today all-be-it with some modern methods and equipment.  However, the tradition and purpose are still the same - to raise, work and get cattle to market for the American consumer.  Rodeo evolved from this day to day work.  Cowboys and cowgirls would come together as they do today to compete and see which ranch had the top hands.  Modern rodeo has its roots in this history, but the sport of Ranch Rodeo is living proof of our history.





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